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Belize is a small country with an area around 23 000 km2 and less than 400 000 inhabitants. The official language is English because until 1981 the country was a British colony. The population is quite diverse – Mestizo, Creole, Mayans, Garifuna, Asians and Europeans.

The Garifunas are a mix of European, African, Caribbean, Arawak, and South American decent, and speak between each other in Garifuna language.

The Creoles are of African descent, brought by the British Empire as slaves. Their language sounds like English with many mumbled words and difficult to understand accent. Big part of the Creoles and Garifunas are Rastafarians, meaning they smoke weed constantly. As of today, the law in Belize allows you to carry up to 10 grams for personal use!

During our stay in Belize, we manage to see the island Caye Caulker, to visit the old capital Belize city, to go to the beach in the small village of Hopkins and, on our way to Guatemala, to pass by the border town of San Ignacio.

First stop of our Lazy Road Trip Central America to Belize – Caye Caulker, Belize!