Central America

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Our next Lazy Road Trip Central America will start from Mexico, we will continue to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras*, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and from the San Blas islands we will jump oversee to** Colombia. Sounds like a good starting point for our Lazy Road Trip South America!

* Update 1: Due to the political situation in Honduras and the raising civil war, we had to skip this beautiful country and shorten our stay at the Caribbean side of Central America. What would you do if you suddenly have 10 more days of vacation and no plan?

Well, what we did was the best decision ever – went off to explore the amazing El Salvador. Honestly, El Salvador was never on our agenda. It is a country with really bad reputation and is a former murder capital of the world.

We made a short online research only to find out that major country officials and countless travel bloggers are making sure no one would ever visit El Salvador. Hmm, this sounds like a great challenge and fits exactly to our style. We need to see it with our own eyes and proof all of the skeptics wrong!

**Update 2: We managed to organize our trip in a way to arrive in the best possible time of the year to experience the Caribbean dream – the picturesque San Blas islands. However, sadly, the weather forecast for the next 10 days was rain, rain and a little bit of rain.

Unfortunately, San Blas is not a cheap destination one can choose. A week would have cost us more than 500 USD each! Well, that would have been a very expensive rainy vacation. No, thanks! Not willing to waste our precious time and money, we had to change our plan again. Instead of going to San Blas, we went to explore Bocas del Toro in Panama and catch a flight from Panama City to charming Cartagena in Colombia.

But let’s start from the beginning. Here is how we came up with the idea and made this Lazy Road Trip to Central America happen.

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